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Are we twisted?  Well maybe just a little if you can imagine our gourmet cookie creations twisted with our edible cookie dough.  


We start with cookies made from scratch with high quality ingredients. Next comes our edible cookie dough – what makes it edible you might ask?  Well its simple, we remove the eggs.


Now that we have our base established lets get twisted!  We start with 2 gourmet cookies and stick cookie dough right in the middle – creating a Doozie.  Our most popular flavor is Chocolate Chip cookies with Chocolate Chip Dough 


When you hear the term “sundae” your mind automatically goes to ice cream with toppings.  Not in our world.  We start with 2 gourmet cookies add 2 scoops of cookie dough and top it with fresh buttercream icing  - better than ice cream it doesn’t melt in 10 mins 


5 layer cookie dough cakes – now we really are twisted!  Imagine a 3 layers of brownie cake, 2 layers of chocolate chip cookie dough, covered in chocolate ganache and decorated in buttercream 


Cusomer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

IMG_0005 2.JPG

Wow! I can't tell you how beautiful the cake was!!  It was EXACTLY what I wanted.  You really did such a wonderful job and it tasted just as good as it looked!  I got so many compliments on it throughout the night!  I can't say thank you enough!!!     

 Just wanted to thank you for coming to our neighborhood last night - I heard nothing but rave reviews, and have thoroughly enjoyed the treats myself!

You have the best cookies and cookie dough!  I could buy it all day long!                                

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